Siddha Yoga & Ayurveda Zentrum(SYAZ):

Enlightenment by Knowledge & Health”     –    “Erleuchtung durch Wissen und Gesundheit

yoga linzSiddha Yoga & Ayurveda Center is an organisation that gives kundalini yoga, exercises and ayurveda(wellness) to people whoever is interested. It is located in Linz. However it is open to world. The aim of this Siddha Yoga & Ayurveda Center is to bring the pure siddha yoga(kundalini based), harmony among people, improve their personality development and health.

In Siddha yoga, the aim will be only Enlightenment. So there will be no stress in learning. As well as there will be a chance to know world’s first and very ancient culture called ‘Tamil'(Not Sanskrit). Because Yoga is created at Kumari Continent(Tamil land) by Adhi Siddha God Shiva, God Muruga and his 18 students(18 Siddhas/18 Saints).

Siddha yoga center is following traditional Siddha principle including Guru-Disciples method. Spirituality is the main aim of Siddha Yoga System.

Linz Siddha Yoga Teacher Course – January to June, 2018: –   keine Buchung mehr möglich

Linz Siddha Yoga Teacher Course – March to June, 2018: –   keine Buchung mehr möglich

Vienna Siddha Yoga Teacher Course – June to October, 2018: – Freie Plätze

“Arutperumjothi Thaniperumkarunai” – A biggest light, that show their grace on each & every living being!