Siddha YogalehrerIn Ausbildung – Wochenendekurs – March, 2018

Siddha YogalehrerIn Ausbildung/Certified Siddha Yoga Teacher – March 2018 to  August 2018 – Siddha Yoga & Ayurveda Zentrum(SYAZ)

Duration: March 2018 to August 2018

Total Hours: 100       Cost(Non-Members): €2270     Cost(Members/Students/Karrenz/AMS): €1990

Early Bird Offer(Before Februray 28): €150

Early Bird Offer(Before March 5): €100

Course Info:

Registration Close: March 5, 2018.

Register Now (Anmeldung),

Once you finish this course successfully, you will get a proper participation certificate to work as Kundalini Yoga Teacher.


There will be a chance to work as yoga teacher in Siddha Yoga Zentrum once you finish the Teacher Course. Also we will support you if you open a branch of Siddha Yoga Zentrum.

Info-Abend:  Date: 02.March.2018   16:00 to 17:00

*  – Membership registration cost is for the Siddha Yoga Teacher Course. 

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